Video Lectures


This section contains links to all my video lectures associated with the Physics First curriculum that I follow during a typical school year. They are directly associated with my eTextbook.

I certainly apologize for my handwriting, and if I talk too fast. I recommend pausing, taking notes, and calculating any mathematical problems along with me as they occur. This practice will certainly benefit you later on. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like me to create other lectures, or video demonstrations.


Links to Lectures



Video lectures related to horizontal linear motion, vertical linear motion (free fall), graphing motion, and projectile motion.

Motion Video Lectures

Force, Pressure, and Friction

Video lectures related to forces, friction, Newton's Laws of Motion, and pressure.

Force, Pressure, Friction Video Lectures

Work, Energy, and Power

Video lectures related to work, energy, types of energies, conservation of energy, non-conservative work, and mechanical power.

Work, Energy, Power Video Lectures

Momentum and collisions

Video lectures on impulse, momentum,  conservation of momentum, and collisions. Types of collisions include elastic, inelastic, and perfectly inelastic.

Momentum and Collisions Video Lectures

Circular Motion

Video lectures on angular motion and circular motion in the horizontal and vertical.

Circular Motion Video Lectures

Gravitation and Planetary Motion

Video lectures on Newton's Law of Gravitation, gravitational fields, satellite motion, escape velocity, and Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion.

Gravity, Planetary, and Satellite Motion Lectures

Rotational Mechanics

Video lectures on torque, equilibrium, rotational energy, and conservation of angular momentum.

Rotational Mechanics Video Lectures


Video lectures on electrostatics (aka static electricity), including electric forces and electric fields.

Electrostatics Video Lectures

Electric Circuits

Video lectures on current based electricity, including current, voltage, and resistance. Also covered are DC circuits including series, parallel, and complex circuits.

Electric Circuits Video Lectures


Video lectures on magnetism including magnetic force on charges, current, magnetic fields, magnetic field lines, and the Right-Hand Rule

Magnetism Video Lectures

Waves, Harmonic Motion, Sound

Video lectures on simple harmonic motion, Hooke's Law, wave motion, sound, standing waves, and electromagnetic (EM) waves.

Waves, Sound, and EM Video Lectures


Video lectures on light including reflection, refraction, critical angle, and color.

Light Video Lectures


Video lectures on optics including mirrors, lenses, drawing ray diagrams, and using optic equations.

Optics Video Lectures

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