Linear Motion Lecture 1

An introduction to horizontal linear motion including the concepts of displacement, velocity, and acceleration and the fact that each is a vector with magnitude and direction. In addition, the ideas of instantaneous and constant velocities are discussed.

Linear Motion Lecture 2

This lecture focuses on the math associated with linear motion or kinematic equations.

Motion Lecture 3 - Acceleration - Velocity - Displacement Gr

This lecture demonstrates how to read various motion graphs and how to create one graph using information from another. For example, a velocity graph can be created from an acceleration graph.

Motion Lecture 4 - Free Fall

This lecture covers linear motion in the vertical direction associated with free fall, when an object is only affected by gravity.

Motion Lecture 5 - Projectile Motion (Horizontal Launch)

This lecture introduces the idea of projectile motion with a focus on launching an object horizontally from a set height.

Motion Lecture 6 - Projectile Motion (Angled Launch)

This lecture continues projectile motion with a focus on launching objects at an angle. This includes some basic trig rules to help in solving the math.