Intro to Physics First

Why Physics First?

Physics First is a concept of reordering the traditional method of teaching science in high school. Typically students take Biology in the 9th grade year, Chemistry in the 10th grade year, and then they might take Physics in 11th or 12th grade. In many cases, students never take a Physics class. The idea behind this order goes back about 100 years ago, and was done because it was alphabetical order.

Most people think that Physics can't be done in 9th grade because of the math. Some schools that do try this, only teach the concepts with very little justice done to the math. However, it has been shown that not only can it be done with the math (keeping it mostly algebra, basic geometry, and some simple trig rules). I have found that students actually find comfort in the math to help prove the concepts.

Physics gives 9th grade students a more hands-on introduction to high school science. It provides a strong base for Chemistry, which in turn provides a stronger base for Biology. I have found that students taking Physics in 9th grade were more likely to take more, and higher-level science classes before graduation.

To this end, this website contains video lectures that I have created based on my teaching of Physics to 9th graders.


eText Info

Physics First e-textbook


I have created an electronic eTextbook for Physics First called Physics First: A 9th Grade Physics eTextbook. It is available on iTunes as an iBooks specific edition that has embedded video demonstrations. It is also available for Amazon Kindle. All videos along with additional demonstrations are available on my YouTube Channel.